Clinically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles

Softening of periorbital wrinkles was reported by 83.9% of subjects at 9 weeks and 80.6% at 12 weeks (Table IV). At 9 weeks, 66.8% of subjects personally reported the effect of treatment to be ‘‘excellent’’ or ‘‘good’’ in terms of periorbital wrinkle softening; 58% reported this effect at 12-week follow up.

A study to determine the efficacy of combination LED light therapy (633 nm and 830 nm) in facial skin rejuvenation B. A. RUSSELL1, N. KELLETT2 & L. R. REILLY3


Photoaging scores displayed an overall improvement in visible features of skin aging at all follow-up points: 58.1% and 51.6% of subjects presented 25%–50% improvement at 9 and 12 weeks follow up respectively.

A study to determine the efficacy of combination LED light therapy (633 nm and 830 nm) in facial skin rejuvenation B. A. RUSSELL1, N. KELLETT2 & L. R. REILLY3


“improves elasticity”

“Improves the severity of wrinkles”

“Clinically proven to significantly decrease the melanin levels after a treatment”

“Proven to significantly increase the amount of collagen fibres at 2 weeks post treatment”

“Proven to significantly increase the amount of elastin fibers in the upper to mid dermis”

“95%of people says skin tone improved, texture, firmness, and tightness”

Lee SY et al A prospective randomised placebo controlled split face clinical study on LED for skin rejuvenation.” Photochemistry and Photobiology Vol 43, No1. 67‐70 Takezaki, Shinichiro, et al. “Ultrastructural observations of human skin following irradiation with visible red light-emitting diodes (LEDs): A preliminary in vivo report.” Laser Therapy14.4 (2005): 153-159.


Treats most skin types

General Literature Review


  • Drug free solution
  • Hands free technology
  • No additional products are necessary to maintain operation of the mask.
  • No hidden costs
  • Flexible, easy to use, portable
  • FDA Cleared (soon)
  • Class II Medical Device (soon)

Technology Claim


“Omnilux Revive LED lamp is a safe alternative non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment. Subjects found the treatment relaxing and therapeutic. Ninety one percent of subjects had a perception of treatment response and a clinical response was reported in 59% of subjects”

“8 weeks after the end of the study 91% of volunteers reported visible changes to skin”

A single blinded randomized controlled study to determine the efficacy of Omnilux Revive Facial treatment in Skin Rejuvenation. J. Bhat, J. Birch, S. W Lanigan, C.Whitehurst


At the 12-week follow-up, improved skin tone was reported by 91% of subjects, improved smoothness by 82%, improved softness by 73%, improved clarity by 64%, improved firmness by 55%, and improved elasticity by 45% of subjects.

The use of light-emitting diode therapy in the treatment of photoaged skin Fabien Baez, MBBS, FACCS, MCPSA, FRACGP, MAACS, 1 & Laurence R Reilly, MBChB 2


Anti-Aging Infra-Red & Red Light Therapy

Fine lines & wrinkles

Stimulates collagen & increases elastin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles


Improved skin tone/texture

Makes skin look brighter and more refreshed for a perfect “pick-me-up.”


Reduce age spots, pigmentation and lighten the overall appearance of the skin

Dehydrated skin

Light stimulates blood flow and nutrient exchange, resulting in healthier and more hydrated skin.

Reduce pore size

Light therapy is proven to even out and reduce pore size, so skin appears smooth and bright radiant.

Increased bloodflow

Increases blood flow, energizes the cells & allows them to breathe more effectively

Tissue oxygenation

Light therapy helps congested cells breathe more easily by stimulating the body’s own cellular respiratory chain


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  • Suffer from seborrheic dermatitis

    I’ve suffered from seborrheic dermatitis for about 15 years. Creams work, but temporarily, my wife found faceLITE for me and suggested we give it a bash. I think It bothers her more than me!! Anyway, it worked. Hence me leaving a review. I do about 2 treatments a week and it keeps it at bay, I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without a red nose!!!

    Neal, 40

  • My skin is so hydrated

    I’ve been using faceLITE for 6 weeks and I can already see a massive difference to my skin. As I’ve got a little older, I could really see my skin changing, it looked dry and tired, I didn’t even feel good when I put make up on. Since using faceLITE I can honestly say that it has completely changed my skin. It looks fresh, plumper and more hydrated and my makeup seems to sit so much better now my skin is so hydrated. I have never written a review for anything but faceLITE has made me feel so much more confident again.

    Nicola, 32

  • Long lasting results

    I was a regular spar and beauty treatment addict and had regular facials. Then I saw faceLITE and decided to give it a go, as it has good results, oh my god, I am converted. The results after a faceLITE last longer than a facial treatment and my skin is looking so much healthier and brighter.

    Yvonne, 55

  • People are commenting on how well I look

    I’ve been using faceLITE for over 4 weeks now and there is definitely something happening to my skin. I don’t look so tired or drained and other people are commenting on how well I look. I am using it in combination with some medik8 products and I think possibly this is one of the best skin care regimes I’ve ever had.

    Pam, 60

  • Its affordable, relaxing and most of all, it works.

    I’m a smoker and have been for over 20 years, it’s taken its toll on my skin. A while back I went and had a visia skin analysis at a clinic, they said my skin age was 63!! I knew I needed to do something quickly! When I reviewed light therapy there were so many choices but one of my clinics had been trialling it and had great results so I gave it a go. Its affordable, relaxing and most of all, it works. Now I just need to give up smoking!

    Hannah, 46

  • My eyes looked firmer
    Really enjoyed my first experience of the mask! I could see results pretty much instantly. My skin felt rejuvenated and the area around my eyes looked firmer. The next day my skin looked great and it seemed to have really calmed the breakout of spots on my chin, I can’t wait to use it again.

    Del, 30